• gane_kris 5w

    To the day with a proper end

    In an isle
    a solitarian
    had a vision.
    As he walked beyond the isle
    the golden dunes afar called out on him
    Saying do not.
    the wish of sustaining
    kept his vision of lament unbroken.

    Another solitarion on his path
    shared him memory,
    another silence,
    yet he couldn't share
    wrong in time
    he felt incapable
    months passed, and years.

    The day has come to an end,
    and the nights delayed,
    he must prove worthy.

    And, In that indefinite moment,
    he failed, and in another isle of wishes
    Another solitarian begun his journey,
    beyond the dunes, to the day when
    all of it ends.