• lookkey 10w

    Good Morning

    (Dedicated to my dear husband, September 20, 2020.)

    You played sleepwalker last night,
    the wine goes down smoothly -
    but needs to drain.
    Rivers of grape vines
    were flowing, no pain.

    I recall all the singing,
    we are rock stars in vain.
    That Sinatra still sounds
    like lovemaking in rain.
    As sweet as the wine is?
    You are sweeter, again.

    If we stop, once a week,
    To recall all we gain?
    Call it bliss...it's a joy....
    such a welcome refrain.

    Let our weeks flow champagne-like,
    our days as in Spain,
    With a pause, sweet siesta,
    there is much we can gain.

    If a grape provides nectar,
    Why fear it will stain?
    We are here to enjoy,
    that is clear, and it's plain.

    I recall our loud voices,
    not a touch of disdain.
    As we belted out classics,
    again and again....
    As kind as the night was,
    our love will remain.