• roxana91 5w

    Forgive my heart

    Forgive my heart
    If you don't want to be loved,
    Forgive my hands
    If you don't want to be touched
    With my fingers.

    Forgive me the thoughts
    That make me think of us,
    Forgive me, but it is too late
    Not to fall in love with you.

    Forgive me the words
    That want my lips to say them sweetly,
    Whispering in your ear:
    "Oh, darling, how beautiful you can be."

    Forgive me for telling you
    The things you already know,
    And maybe you don't care,
    But maybe you'll forgive me
    For still keeping in me the desire
    To touch your mouth with my lips.

    I will lift you above the stars
    When you will feel the sky collapse
    Over your shoulders.

    I will lower you,
    When you will be afraid to fly,
    To heal your broken wings
    And then to set you free.