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    #cees_rww_chall #twilight #night #stars #hopes
    This is such an amazing challenge! Thanks to @carolyns_challenges!
    My poem is a bit fragmented, but it's done :)

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    Twilight's Keep

    Everything is still.
    I am weightless,
    somehow I fly away.
    Away from the Earth.

    The light grows dim and the stars come out,
    stretching into oblivion above my eyes.
    Dark and lonely.
    Bright and shining.

    Apart from it all I finally discover
    a sound unspoken,
    hopes and dreams etched in the sky.

    The night grows cold,
    I am lost within my world
    adrift among my sea of hopes.

    The night has embraced me
    Leaving me in tears.
    Now I realize
    I Was Not Alone.