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    2019 is the worst year I've been through.What hasn't happened?
    Killing of innocent students,busting of tear gas, laathicharge and what not.
    I see bhakts still do belive that whatever is happening is right. I still feel their "hume ghanta fark nahi padhta" attitude. Some of my friends or I should say my so called friends showed their true colours.It was difficult to throw out from my life someone close, but you know I prefer humanity over any kind of friendship.
    You know, last night I haven't slept properly, why?
    Because I am a human, I have emotions, I can feel the pains, the fear of innocent protesters.
    I have my friends in Jamia, AMU, DU, Integral University and many more places where the protesters are brutally beaten.
    All the incidents going around the county are disturbing. I feel helpless. I'm disappointed by people's silence. Silence is a support to injustice.
    I remember Mahua Moitra's words "People who have lived in this country for 50 years are having to show a piece of paper to prove that they are Indian, in a country where ministers cannot produce degrees to show that they are graduated from college. You expect dispossessed poor people to show papers that they belong to this country? ", these sensible words still run in my mind.
    It's a high time, time to fight and fight for right. I'm ready to protest, ready to die for justice, for my people and for humanity.
    O people, come forward, unite and speak.