• unspokenwords__x 22w

    I finally have a voice
    I'm not begging to be seen
    I no longer have to wait around at stupid times for you to give me your time
    My presence is enough
    I don't have to shower you with gifts to prove what I feel for you
    I don't have to fight for you to accept me as I am
    You don't doubt me
    You don't make me question my worth
    You don't make me feel unlovable
    I'm not crying myself to sleep wondering why I'm not good enough
    I'm not replaying every incident and blaming myself for everything that went wrong
    I don't feel like I'm a burden
    I don't have to put my feelings aside to protect yours
    You value me
    You don't make me feel alone almost like I'm the only one in this relationship
    I don't have to search for any ounce of hope or for glimpses of reasonings to stay
    Because you show reciprocation

    Funny how before you came along.. I thought the issue was with me but it was him who never reached the levels I did....