• gregwrites 5w

    See! The HATE is nothing new to me
    Up here
    I embrace it like a Prodigy
    I absorb strength from the negativity
    Spend my weekend in a spacecraft
    Heard the time hack
    Saw the crowd looking up to me
    Like a 3-point throw before time-out
    Got the composure and charisma
    They will kill for
    Neil Armstrong is jealous
    I made the moon exchange pleasantries
    With billions of souls
    The reason I can't sound feeble
    I came this far with a multitide
    I know my place in history
    My coming has been revealed
    We just neglect it
    I'm more than just an option
    I bet you can't forget me
    I'm on more than just a mission
    Never knew I could be identified a messiah
    I pleaded with them not to compare
    Me to Christ
    You don't want to put me
    In loggerheads with my Maker
    Because all the bread I share with y'all
    He is the Baker
    He gives me the heart to split my last slice
    He always provides
    Bottomline I don't do it for men
    Men never remember
    Wo! The HATE is nothing new to me