• cmroman1980 9w


    Sitting in the dark
    Watching you spark
    Up a fire with your first
    And last true love
    And me, the onlooker,
    A seat I've been appointed for years,
    The backseat, as your admirer
    The front seat, where you conspire
    With her and think of ways to think nothing
    Feel ways to feel nothing
    And the more you do nothing
    Moves me to feel something
    More than admiration
    Inspiration to keep trucking along
    This path without a song
    Yet, weather you care
    The lyrics are there
    And all I need is a beat
    To move my feet.
    All you need is a bag
    Without any seeds.
    But all you've cultivated
    Was a garden of weeds
    And I won't be choked out,
    I will find ways to breathe
    And grow in my space
    I only wish you would've never replaced
    Me with your dependency
    Forcing the hand of independency