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    Arcadian- untroubled; ardently- showing strong feelings; beseech- beg; clamor- noisy shouting; catechizing -questioning; confect- construct

    It will just take few minutes....

    A bird lost her nest today and now she is with her two juniors...homeless...staring at the tranquility of the sky probably looking a way to vent out her inside tumult.
    A lion lost his jungle today and now he is roaring at his high towards Arcadian sky perhaps ardently beseeching abide for his clamor in its placidity.
    A bud lost her branch today and now gazing at the sky, this time not wishing for spring but probably catechizing what wrong she ever did.
    What are they all going to do? Will the bird quit flying? Will she never confect a nest again? Will the lion quit roaring? Will he never search for a new home? And what about the other buds of the same shrub, of the very same branch? Will they never bloom? Or will that shrub never bear a bud again?
    I think you all know the answers to this binge of questions. We all know the fact that life is full of ups and downs & this is equally true for birds, lions, buds and......we humans. While the birds choose to build an another nest, lion looks for an abode and other buds do bloom, we humans choose to give up (even after we all sleep under the same sky). Why some of us choose to lock themselves in?
    Every full moon night the wolves howl reminiscing their loss and next morning they are back for hunt. There is nothing bad in sobbing out your grief on you pillow at night. Not getting back on the track next morning for the next race is what I call a lame act. You might not win this time too. But you know what you won't loose either. You lose when you don't step on the track because you didn't win the last race.
    Make your broken heart your strength as a friend (@vivekagravat) said broken crayons still colour.
    Nothing lasts forever.
    Perhaps there are only ups and down.

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    Life is a sine curve with a theme of sorrow. However it cannot be as easily solved as a question on an exam paper.
    But every question surely have an answer.
    Sometimes your guess is correct & sometimes not. Sometimes its as you expected but sometimes it possibly blows wind out of you.
    But you as a student attempting this test are not supposed to abandon your quest of the right answer.

    (Kindly spare your eyes for the caption too)