• bb_grey 10w

    First kiss

    You visited me today.

    We were walking along half lit streets soaked with relief by the cool air of the night as it breathed into hot concrete sidewalks and asphalt streets. 

    We talked about the trivialities of the day, smiled at things that once made us cry, and trailed off in half sentences as we scrambled to get our thoughts right and exhaled easily when we did.

    I took your hand and felt my soul drain from my pounding heart in an instant as the night became still with nervous anticipation. You stopped and I pivoted at our clasped hands and I noticed shades of violet in your Lladro blue eyes. Your lips parted and trembled slightly as we whispered life into each other mouths and our lips tugged at each other as we pulled away.  I remembered a passing comment you had made about first kisses and wished I had asked further but then thought that I was glad I hadn't because this kiss was crafted special for us.  

    Sound came back to the world as our conversation slumbered and we ambled along quiet streets. We talked about whatever came into mind but raced to relive our first kiss.