• kritika_15 23w

    Don't be ashamed of wat u are..you are wat you are
    Flaws are beautiful....

    My new piece after so long...hope u like it friends..I wud lv ur comments and compliments...

    And how u all??

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    Because flaws are beautiful

    Flaws are beautiful
    I love my flaws
    I love to be with my flaws
    Flaws make u different
    Flaws make u unique
    Flaws make ur identity
    Flaws are beautiful

    Being flawless is a subtle myth
    That never exits
    A person with flaws is a person with truth
    Living life that he thinks
    No hypocrisy, no ruse,
    No duplicity, no deceiving booze,
    No falsity , no disguise,
    Always puts u in ur Paradise.

    Nothing to be ashamed of
    Nothing to be feeling like "off"
    Nothing to give justification of
    Flaws are wat u owe all
    Flaws bring the you in real
    Shows u ur face u having in actual
    It makes you the "you"
    Flaws are beautiful
    Infact, flaws are the beautiful "you".

    © Kritika