• onahxyz 5w

    A. S. D (Another sad day)

    I came to this world with hopes and dream
    Changed ambition from dreams to dreams
    The place I know is no longer how it seemed to be
    Cold feet like those wives to be
    Wrong doings in states we dwell in
    Where do we go? Whom do we call?
    Isn't it hell enough on earth for heaven to rise?
    Isn't time just a piece, why wait on it?
    Isn't dream a wish for it to come true already?
    Today's happiness could end up being tomorrow's sadness
    I am the future and the past, I can control my present
    Who named colors and made green safe as it seemed
    Still allowed green to be stained
    I hope life mystery unveils itself at the end
    I hope the end comes alive after the end
    I hope there's a better place after this end
    I hope my hope stays alive longer till the end
    We are the beginning we are the end
    We are whom we want to be
    We are Time....
    We are Time without End...

    ©Ochiedike Jonathan Buchi