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    One of my new poems...elaborating my heartfelt feelings these days. Hope, you like it. ❤️
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    Tears I do Hold

    Happiness of loads
    Sounds they are bold
    All alone on me
    Tears I do hold

    Feel of love is lack
    Griefs are they who take
    The place of it
    Please I beg for God sake

    Know this ain't forever
    One day will get ma saver
    Either me or someone else
    Must stop this river

    O Lord! I feel that feel-good
    For you've been since childhood
    Must we get down on our knees
    In life this I know an' you would

    As it's said joy is hidden
    In grief an' sounds that forbidden
    You just have to cope with this
    Joy's a step ahead after that laden

    Then there's that shine
    That shines all your rhymes
    You just have to get up
    And spell your guts that time
    ©aikworld |Kareemi's Poetry|