• ubani_writes 10w

    she was growing into a beautiful bride,
    with a feeling of self respect and personal worth,
    until she was robbed of her esteem and her innocence in a blink of an eye
    her garment was lacerated
    she was wounded even mentally
    tear gracefully crawl down her face
    she was degraded
    by her so called friend, (uncle )that turned to an enemy
    His tight grip on her waist
    the pressure of his body
    she tried to resist
    no matter how loud she screamed,
    no one came to her rescue
    devastation crowded her thoughts
    Her jaws dropped

    her:: I was raped
    society:: when? how? where? Abeg no talk Wetin you no know.
    her:: I was raped.
    society:: you are a small girl jare .

    Exactly mockery was the outcome
    she still carried the heavy burden in her heart
    she was filled with hate
    haunted by the thought everywhere she goes