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    For my birthday boy @gautam1211


    There are rapes and rape mentality
    In our culture deeply embedded
    And actively committed
    We see them but keep mum.
    There are persons
    Who sacrificed their sweat and blood
    For the nation's soul
    We know them and choose to ignore.
    Thee are movies
    With innocent characters
    That explore their worlds
    Yet lay open our insides
    We watch them and don't mention.
    We don't feed animals
    Compassion's missing
    Forming transient friendships
    With them we laugh and enjoy
    Then forget and leave as if nothing happened.
    We have failures and we have families
    That don't support
    Yet we pretend all is well
    We feel, we suffer, but can't be vulnerable.

    But sometimes, a young mind
    With a valiant heart
    Speaks and writes
    On all of these and much more
    Reading him is comforting to me
    The last of hopes for a better tomorrow
    His and ours.

    © Harfkaar 12-11-20

    HAPPY birthday Gautam! Keep writing the way you do.

    And guys if you haven't read this gem..do so now!! I got to read him first on his post on Chappak, the movie, and was spellbound. He has written about strained father son relationship, about rape culture, about Vallabhbhai Patel, shared many posts of late @/kehta_hai_joker, feeding dogs, Taare Zameen Par, much more and is a genuine person.

    Lots of love Gautam!! God bless you!!

    (Thanks @kin_jo for telling me about his birthday!) #birthday_wish_j

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