• anjalichanda 9w

    Just because it's too long,it's not boring ,this might be too long,but something I wrote about is not really enough to be written in few lines! #untitled #life #success #belief #trust #journey #smile

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    We see moon is brighter than sun,
    Sun doesn't try to be like the moon ,
    And just because rivers aren't so colourful,
    They are not jealous about the rainbow and the trees,
    Why am I speaking all this?
    Read this to reach to my point,
    We struggle with words,
    We do permutations and combinations and at the end we speak up something that we never intended to in the first place ,
    We start gazing at other lives ,
    And we try being as they are so that somebody would look at us the same way we did ,
    Just because we don't know the right answer,
    We don't have to struggle to accept that weren't intelligent,
    When we face some make misunderstandings,
    We don't have to panic or get crushed through it,
    The one who would misunderstand , would pull strings and misunderstand you anyway,
    Did you ever think that it's all them and they we always think about ,
    Because of which we even start to fade,
    Few things in life make us indelligible,
    And sometimes it gets too hard ,but just because it is getting harder ,
    We don't have to be complicated,
    Sometimes it's possible to not know everything as humans we aren't perfect, instead we should find for reasons or possibilities instead of doing things like others ,
    Not everybody's ways to perceive things are same or nor if they do they wouldn't land up in the same place,
    Not all walls are painted ,
    And not all oceans are deep ,so are all the trees green,
    It's us who has to Change to believe that things are getting better, the process is rather slow which is what we have to realize,
    Because not all buildings are called buildings even before they are under construction!!