• scribbledwalls 11w

    Take a step back or maybe pause that's what we have been saying all these years when we couldn't really find our way or when we tend to lose our hope, a great piece of advise if one must follow, only few did. Rest just kept passing it on. A year back you wouldn't have thought of any halt in your journey or some may say continuous loop of work that you're doing. Look what happened to all those plans that you made once. All that hardwork and dedication you showed. Our entire universe has ceased to one thing. No one ever thought would hit us hard. And it's bad I must say. Really bad. This is sign universe has been showing us and we are ignored from time to time.
    Find what really matters, what needs to be done. What is necessary for this mankind to survive. For not getting wiped out at once. For not being the verge of extinction.
    Some one said "When we return to normal, what part of normal do we decide to return to." And this got me thinking are we still gonna keep doing what we did earlier, the same path that lead us here. Are we still gonna exploit that one chance we got to undo all our doings. Are we still going to choose to let it slip away from our hands. Are we?
    I ask you. What's it's gonna be? #nature #thoughts #diary #life

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