• wordsbyabha 9w

    As the dusk
    paved it’s way
    the moon rose
    with that usual gaze
    glittering around the sky
    looking for the sun,
    bright and beautiful
    with futile hopes
    that one day
    they’ll unite
    under the shadow of these stars
    hoping the sun will rise
    amidst the tranquility of the dark.

    With the dawn again
    as the morning birds rose
    with brightest hopes
    the sun now
    in anticipation looked
    for the moon from within its rays
    with lucid patience
    like usual their stars didn’t match
    never meant to match, perhaps.

    setting of sun but the hopes still alive
    hope that one day, one day
    these two far apart ends
    in the same sky
    will meet for a union
    of opposites, a union
    of dark and the light

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    of the dark
    and the light.