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    I don't say anything about you to anyone,
    and you don't have the guts to listen
    or I don't have the courage to tell you about you,
    So I tell everything about you to the Moon
    From love,
    To Heartache.
    I told the Moon about you.

    I told him how I met you, how suddenly you became the most significant part of my life, how much I loved you with each and every inch of my heart, how my eyes twinkled with your sight and hearing your name, how my heart carved your name on it, how I failed at making eye contact with you, how you felt a love so pure, how your name became a jewel to me, how your arms became my comfort, how you became my first special someone, how for the first time someone's presence mattered so much, how at some point you loved me a little to much, how I was yours and you were mine,
    I told the moon about you, how you and love became identical and how I became YOU.

    I told him that my world found his world, I told him my love found his love, I told him how I meant nothing to you, how I became just a passerby in your life, how I was just a non -significant part of your life, of how I came in your life when you were totally heartbroken and how I was there, how I saved you and how with saving you I needed to be saved too and how after all this you started searching for someone else and fallen in love with another heart , I told him how much it hurts, I told him how I manage to deal with this, I told him seeing you with someone else breaks the already broken pieces of my heart, how I cry myself to sleep , how my head explodes with these thoughts, how suddenly my world shattered, how love became a suffering, how you took away the Happy from me, how I am living in this melancholy, how I crave you each and every day, how I hope to have you once again in my life, how I try not to tell you things about you, how I became something I never wanted to become, how each and every inch of my skin and bones aches so much that anyone can clearly see, how ugly and unlucky I feel since you left, I told the Moon about you
    How I LOVED you and how easily you LEFT.

    I told him how I failed at loving you and how you failed me.

    And I asked him-
    How much love is enough for someone to stay and he replied just as much as the other person loves you.

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