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    What happens when you test the nature....��⛈️��️⚡��️

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    The Colours of Nature

    Colours depict the manoeuvre of nature
    It flourishes within the horizon,
    How enthralling it is to watch it's lustre,
    Like them being given a gesture,
    Meaningful like a mortal moan.

    Narcissis- yellow, orange and white
    Bleeding blue as great firs and poses,
    Oh! I miss them day and night,
    In my dreams of shadow and light,
    Where flashes the bloody roses.

    Yellow autumns and blue- green rains
    Forgather in a year making joy,
    Remember the gay and forget the pain,
    For the sorrel- like summer goes in vain
    And the rainbow spring to enjoy.

    But remember not to test it's anger
    For it goes in wild rafters,
    Discolouring and endanger,
    To a sphere of grey and black feature,
    That's when the teacher of nature,
    teaches you it's true colours....