• archana 6w

    (A short story from my morning)

    Today morning as I was waiting for my companions to join me post the morning walk I noticed two old men having their usual morning conversations by the road side. I silently stood there watching them converse, understanding less of their conversation, but more of their comfort in talking to each other. That is when a fisherman arrived in cycle with his early morning catch. One of the old men stopped him and enquired about the catch. The glow in his eyes revealed that the basket had quite a good amount of fish in it. At the same time the old man said 'ohh...the smell is intense', for which the fisherman replied 'that is because it's flowers, the Jasmine flowers'. I smiled at his reply. That's when the old man looked at me and said 'oh yes, they are indeed the flowers, jalapushpangal'.

    'Jalapushpangal' meant waterflowers.

    I smiled wide and I am pretty sure he couldn't see how wide because of the mask. I smiled over his imagination and the warmth he rendered to the cold breezy morning.