• saiina 10w

    The Land where i used to Play,
    Is erased of its existence
    Soothing music of Breeze in Mid-Day
    Has dwelled somewhere in a Distance
    I guess i am homesick of the Place,
    Which exists in fantasy n Glimpse
    Travelling down the memory it takes
    In the Shangri-La of my Dreams!
    Mother Earth was a mysterious Bride
    Embellished with her Garments
    For manmade jewels she always Abides
    Contented in her Deep Blue firmament
    And the golden sands of her seashore
    And the precious Stones of her mountains and Diamond ores!
    What is there to add to her perfection of beauty?
    To rejoice in her lap was our only Duty!
    But all these years i saw,
    Human erect concrete Buildings on her face
    Her beauty then appeared like a Flaw,
    And now we repent on our sins, for gone are the joyful outdoor Days!