• liam1227 9w

    I wrote this a while ago just forgot to put it on here. #love #life #poetry

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    Why do I feel that I am losing you, that you are drifting away?
    Because once it starts it will never stop and I'm not going to fight you to stay.
    I've never fallen so hard before, And I know how bad the pain will be. But I'd do it again, if I had the chance because you are worth it to me.
    I've felt your heart and I know your pain, I just wanted to be your cure.
    But it may be to fast and I want this to last of that I am definitely sure.
    They say that silence is golden, but here communication is key.
    So if something is wrong dont try to be strong, let me know whatever it may be.
    I hope that all of these feeling are just my demons messing with me.
    But if it's not and I've lost what I've got. Then baby I'll set you free.