• danielaaronpoetry 10w

    tepid dreams
    where hope hath fall
    gently parachute
    winter's call

    deep in boredom's surrendered acceptance
    that life will continue as is,
    only different

    the secret of ages
    burried in sand
    the crying infant's
    first touch of land
    grown from the ocean,
    a single souled organism
    balances her checkbook,
    illustrates a mirror,
    exhales all extravagance
    and please though,
    if you will

    tree skeletons crack through grounded leaves
    I dare not disturb such reveries as these
    let echo the laughter of Jupiter's moons,
    ripples the palm of your hand

    might there be
    a meeting here
    planned or happened upon?

    from there I sang
    this simple song
    but once, then traveled on