• ankitraj 23w


    I've gone insane
    I've lost in your thoughts.
    I've gone crazy even the sugarcane smell like musks now...
    ...and everything else seems sweet
    I see the moon during the day...
    ...and it's dark in broad daylight
    ...and everything else seems wonderful
    I can't say what going on in my mind
    I just long to be with you
    I am running away from everyone...
    ...and looking for you
    I want to be with you now...
    ...and everyday am confused
    ...and baffled don't know what to do
    I have this yearing to be with you
    I am excited and happy to see you
    I just don't get it
    I don't understand the reason for this feeling
    but this feeling is only my companion
    how do i control myself
    when all i want to do is be with you?
    I invite stars to be with me every night
    I am unable to sleep because
    I dream to be with you