• nimesh_nishad 23w

    Breaking Bridge of Ours

    Time has ticked forward as it always did,
    Two bridges broke down and third is on the street.
    It was built of true friendship and care
    But was never binded, my true despair.

    We are on the same bridge collapsing with time
    The voice of your words, in my ears they still rhyme
    What could have probably been so wrong
    That the lake below the beautiful bridge hymns a sad song.

    This lake thats empty should have been filled with tears
    The falling of the bridge is only my seer.
    The two bodies on the ends are the ones who can heal-
    The wilting yellow and red roses they should feel.

    The lake down is filled with what my heart holds;
    Its simply shaking by my chills and my colds.
    But my heart thats the lake is empty but blood
    This vacancy can bring up many new floods.

    Stare and stare, accept before the time runs out
    Don't walk away from the truth, please hear my shout.
    The more better it will be that sooner you learn:
    We can still keep up the bridge if only you turn.

    Walk away and we'll regret or at least will I do
    For the memories we could have moulded in which we could be
    Don't make the bridge a ruin of our time
    Cause people consider ruin as haunted shrine.