• ame_fightingfrlife 10w

    I wonder

    i never wondered why so many drowns near the shore &
    why white banished black to the night & why the stars followed her touched her darkness and gave the light.

    I wondered why you want me to say 'you're my friend'
    would water be a friend to the sea?
    or breath to a dying man?
    i wouldn't call you a friend
    that would be a lie
    for without you
    there would be no i.

    i wonder when i write of love why no words do it justice
    i write in anger why each word seem like stranger

    i never wonder why so many drowns near the shore,
    for the depth is always measured but never of the shore
    i think of love & shore as the same cuz I've always looked at it through rose colored glasses & i wonder why all the red flags just look like flags.

    when i got too old to take care of myself i go for a last swim
    i just let the water take me in, feeling like drowning
    it brings a calm that knows no equal , i see things much more clearer than from the ground , i know the stars were the eternal part of White, made & destined for her, no choice of own,
    black gave him a choice & asked what he wants.

    i wonder why love feels like an imagination &
    why the lust is painted in the color of love & why in the end the only non-existent love is cursed & wept for ??