• aynam_a 50w


    That unexpected trip
    She wore that top with strip
    Nobody was near
    She wants to hear
    Bags were placed
    And she needed space
    While finding peace she got hit by someone
    That sudden eye contact with that one
    And keys fallen from her hand
    She doesn't knew that moment was grand
    While travelling she was scared
    For that trip she was not mentally prepared
    Where to go she doesn't had any map
    While thinking this she takes a nap
    She reach the destination
    And doesn't had any option
    They both stare
    And that cold air
    She wants to look into mirror
    While thinking is she looked horror
    She doesn't had camera to capture
    And the moments she spend was pleasure
    When they both were sitting together
    Abnormal was weather
    That sudden rainfall
    A nick name with they call
    As she loves the rain
    She forgets all her pain
    She doesn't need any umbrella
    As the moment was Bella
    That unexpected trip
    Was converted into that tea's sip
    Which they both shared
    No more she was scared
    She still live in those memories
    But they can't burn her calories
    That travelling was unforgettable
    And now they both are unable...