• leah_mammen 5w

    Small gestures are the way to my heart
    The things you unknowingly do
    I hope we never part
    My heart skipped a beat
    When you lay on my shoulder
    A lullaby to calm you down
    An excuse to play with your hair
    If anyone sees, well i don't care
    A song close to my inner soul
    I'm swimming in my mixed emotion bowl
    Here we go again
    Seeing you sleep
    Brought this peace in me
    Can i be honest
    I didn't want the moment to end
    A smile in your sleep
    Brought one to my face
    Pushing the hair off of your face
    Making sure you're sleeping okay
    Gentle pats on your head
    It's like how my heart once said
    Something I chose to ignore
    "You're feeling something "
    It's weird
    Do i want these feelings to go away
    These feelings shouldn't go astray
    I wish i got some alone time with him
    He's weirdly wonderful
    Never fails to make me laugh
    I'm not gonna lie
    I do feel something
    I don't know what this is yet
    One day i will
    I just hope it aint too late