• i_am_lharmee 11w

    My better Nigeria

    Giants of Africa we are
    No i think we're supposed to be
    Cause the giant has come to a crumbling fall
    And our journey comes to a crawl
    How could this have been
    When we're the major supplier of oil and electricity in Africa

    Oh my dear mother Nigeria
    Where are the gains of our battles for independence
    Your child Fela Would turn in his grave if he saw how everything he warned us about comes out to play
    And your son Idris Abdulkareem ?
    Oh how he tried also to direct our paths from these trying times
    No one even knows what happened to him till today
    And the big time African China?
    I can't even begin to explain how his songs were a tribute to the situation you were and still facing mother

    Now we watch as old rapes young
    Fathers and daughters in unspeakable situations
    Citizens rights trampled upon
    Our mother's name in disrepute
    Tax payers sweat into shopping sprees
    Our own oil we even buy at exorbitant rates
    Don't even get me started on electricity and our roads

    Why say all this you ask me mother?
    I say this to remind myself,you, yes you, and you there
    That we can't keep watching our mother rot away at the hands of these of these hyenas drab  in a shepherds costume
    I know it sounds and looks like mount Everest but together we have a strong stand
    Just imagine the likes of 2face idibia
    Burna boy
    Funke Akindele
    Eniola Badmus
    Desmond Elliott
    Femi kutiI 
    We have lots of strong voices who can be the Fela and Idris of our generation
    What do i have to gain from this you ask mother ?
    If you are in the best condition mother
    I have no reason to go look for greener pastures in another's land
    Cause I'd have everything i could ever need right here