• letthepastdie 5w

    Poem: Demon Dance

    When the sun is gone and day is done,
    the fun will have only just begun.
    With the day retreats the light,
    and soon the demons all take flight.
    Past my window they beat their wings,
    and oh what sorrowful songs they sing.
    The sweet melodies fill my mind,
    and soon their stories began to unwind.
    Tales unfold of the broken heart,
    but before it does the dancing starts.
    Round and round they circle the moon,
    and soon they begin to enter my room.
    In and out they fly at will,
    with a great and unmatched skill.
    All through the night I lay and listen,
    all the while the moonlight glistens.
    But all good things must come to an end,
    and soon the light begins to bend.