• prateek_agrawal 46w


    "We are friends" she said
    Ohh...didn't you tell her anything?
    Yes I do..
    Then! what?
    She is still in dilemma!May be....(Pause) She wants to know me first..(In mind- "though she know the 80%part of mine by now")..she is humble while she say that,but abrupt too..it's okay..may be she didn't find out yet what she want.. it's okay in her shoes...(In mind- "may be..!")..
    What are you worried for then?
    Huh?Worried!No I am not!
    Ohh common! it's in your damn face
    (In mind- It's her happy face that relieves me,her beautiful smile that moves me,I don't want to loose her,I imagine her with me,I want to spend my all lives with her,she is the best medicine for my ailments,I like correcting her for good,I love her you moron and you're asking why I look worried) (silence)