• adsila03 23w

    I heard claws
    Scratching at my door
    Prying at the paint
    My animals get scared
    As they hide under my bed
    As I go down the stairs
    One of my dogs follow
    And is growling with
    Every fiber of his being
    I hesitate but as I open it
    I see a box of kittens and
    Puppies at my door
    It was pouring outside so
    I rushed and it had a note
    That said "I am too poor
    And too old to help them
    I saw u a long time ago
    And u were Caring and sweet
    To all that approach u
    So here is a box of
    Lives that need your help
    For they have been abandoned
    And alone like yourself
    Long ago.... By me
    Hi sweetie, I'm sorry for
    Leaving u but I would have hurt
    U if I stayed but this isnt
    About what happened then
    please take care of
    These little ones and let them
    Heal your heart were i
    Destroyed it"