• bluewolf 9w

    To a new friend or anyone who can't find there voice take this as a sign to find other ways to release your pain and burden❤

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    Broken voices makes joyful notes

    She holds all her demons, pain, and depression inside because she can't find the words to talk about it. She can't muster up a voice loud enough to get it all out, but music is her key. Music is her sanity, her happiness when the world seems to be falling apart around her music is there to save her soul. So when your demons and monsters choose to hold your tongue and forbid you to speak out on your pain; use your breath. The breath of the lion you have to breath out music notes of pain to set your soul free. Use the fingers oh so fast as cheetahs to play away the regret and sorrow that has made a home in your body. There's more then one way to skin and rid yourself of your demons, so here's yours.