• visalini 4w

    So, What's a success for you?
    Is it the dream you longed for to veer true?

    Is it the way you get up after a mighty fall?
    Is it the efforts for going beyond the four wall?

    Is it the place you take in people's good books?
    Is it measured by how happy one looks?

    Is it guys? Is that what you've told yourselves all these years!
    Maybe It's not the way it appears!

    It's just a simple satisfaction you get,
    When you've strived to do stuff's you love without regret!

    Maybe it's wasn't an "I should have given it a try!"
    But more of Life's drama that ends with "I've tried my best" cry.

    That's the success that's unshaken!
    That's the success that makes you independent.