• shilpi26 22w

    We all got healed or in a process of it
    From something painful
    Just believe, have faith
    It will happen

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    When things go wrong
    Throwing life off the track
    Shooking us through the core
    We start to think if ever things are going to be okay
    Analysing hopelessly we dive into the pool of grimaces
    Swimming along the currents of grief time goes by, and sadness consumes us
    Life gets engrossed in being sad to an extent where
    we ignore the little joys our heart has started to feel
    Not able to notice the smile which now reflects through our eyes
    Missing out that no more the heart ache
    No more the tears fall
    No more rain brings painful memories back
    But suddenly on a random day sitting by the window
    listening to some old music
    When the exact rhythm drops
    Our heart fails to skip a beat
    A beat which used to push our souls into the dungeons of melancholy
    At this point the realization strucks
    The part has been played
    The scars we thought are indelible do not prick
    And here we stand strong, with no regrets for the past
    And it feels wonderful
    To smell the fragrance of a healed soul.