• words_are_my_voice 9w


    Dear Mirakee,

    Let me tell you the story between wind and fire.

    It started with a small spark. The wind had been chasing around the stars when an ember landed within it's palm. The warmth of it's glow created a craving within her heart. And the wind followed the embers until she landed upon a fire of beauty.

    The untouched flames fueled her curiosity as she drew closer. It was at this moment that the wind should have turned away but seeing the fire start to die, she brought him back to life with her breathless voice. And he glowed and spun back with such vigor it brought joy to her soul.

    Reaching out the wind tried to grasp the fire only to see it move through her. Realizing she couldn't hold the fire, the wind became content in being in the fires prescence. The warmth was comforting and brought safety upon its flickers. And all through the cold, fire fed wind warmth and wind fed fire life.

    But one day, fire changed it's direction. Wind no longer felt it's warmth but, it continued to feed fire life. Until fire stole the winds breath and began running rampid upon the heart lands of the wind. Fire torched winds heart and stole life from her lands.

    And as fire began to die, he begged for life once more. But wind was battered and turmoiled. Rain drops flew from the clouds of winds tears. She could no longer feed fire life and she would now have to continue life without the fire's warmth and comfort. As the last embers of winds love died off so did her heart.

    Wind would no longer be the same but knew she must continue on. And on did wind trudge.