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    Dear dining table,

    Although you are used seldom, you are very Special  because whenever used , you have gifted us Widest smiles and Loudest Laughs to be cherished Forever. You come to life  when Uncles and aunties , brothers and sisters , friends and neighbors come together for a get-together. You have  bestowed us with  Best- Loved Delicious Delicacies all the time. On Birthdays and  Anniversaries, It is you who has got the prestige  to witness all the cake-cuttings and be part of our Celebration! On Other days,you are an abode to baskets filled with dozens of fruits or piles of clothes waiting to be folded or small leftover things . You have  served me as a Study table years ago and now happily serving my sister. Although we come in contact seldom , I take care of you regularly. In order to keep your shining glass body gleaming forever , I make sure you are adored with beautiful cover and a preety vase with fresh flowers in it. Your chairs seemed  unhappy since some years so I pleaded papa to make efforts in the same direction ! As a result , the chairs are on cloud 9 with the new seat covers and beautiful head-covers placed on it . Lastly , I  might not take your note everyday, but you know you've got a special place in my heart forever ! Thank you for everything dearest dining table!

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    Dear Dining Table,