• joyjoy 23w


    I'm running on empty
    Fueled on what little I have
    Pushing forward with only
    My tiny light to guide the way
    Tumbling down the rabbit hole,
    Not knowing what is waiting
    At the bottom of this dark abyss.
    Hatred only produces more hatred;
    Darkness only snuffs out the light.
    Love that is freely given
    Is the only thing, that can change my sight.
    I cannot ask for it.
    It cannot be born of pity.
    I cannot rise on the broken wings of charity
    What I need is for others to believe,
    To cast their webs willingly.
    What I need to stop this whirling free fall,
    Is a community with out stretched hands.
    But we are all free falling into the same abyss
    So it seems too much to demand.
    The world is upside down and spinning ever more
    It is very difficult to heal and center
    With no direction to grow.
    So I write my words of passion
    I write my words of rage
    I write my insecurities,
    So they're no longer caged.
    It stops the spinning for a time,
    But the world is still turning in my head
    I show myself kindness and gentleness
    So I may give what I have left
    To inspire others to do the same
    So we might actually create that web
    And find some semblance of stability
    And the opportunity to heal within.