• ajjaps 5w

    Dear Name

    There's a child standing in front of me
    She's wearing the most genuine smile I have seen in my entire life
    She keep her head high, and keep her chin up, and keep smiling like there's so much to smile about
    I wonder how she manage to be happy and confident like that

    She looks straightly in my eyes, as i call out her name
    She became sad as she saw me, she put her head down like she's about to cry
    I feel bad so I try to reach out my hands to show sympathy, but she run away
    She got lost on my sight, and nowhere to be found

    I've been trying to call her name but there is no reply
    I won't stop, I will shout several times
    Until, I found myself in a dark cold room
    And I only hear a tearful echo

    I listen to that sound alone
    Until I realize that the child I saw was the old me
    Now I knew why she run away when saw her future self

    You may be so far that I can't see you
    But I will find you for sure
    I will find your name that had been forgotten quietly
    But for now, I will hug the empty space in front of me.