• siddiqua_ 5w

    The beautiful twilight ceased
    blotted by the moonlight
    leaving the west with
    the skies full of elysian stars.
    The prayers commenced
    while the children repeated them
    with a laughter,
    see the voices echoed across the way,
    Sleep it's getting late.

    Lagom, an another tranquil night
    with a further sangria dawn
    followed by a cordial dusk.
    Let's secure the large perspective of peace
    Lay underneath the stars
    listen my darling's quixotic stories
    across the sky
    where we drew our own constellations.

    This metanoia continued
    where nothing ever feels the same
    the west winds often blows too swift
    but, it may calm down very soon.
    Everything else fades
    fades away...
    Resting underneath the Banyan tree
    we saw the sun rays lingering over the horizon,
    the clouds moving to uncover the colossal universe
    and the stars above us captured our attention
    to narrate the stories we sometimes envisage
    Harken, pay attention
    Let everything else fade
    Fade away...

    #tehreek #mirakee #writersnetwork

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