• binay2018 24w

    Stop for a while

    Hey, stop for a while,
    where are you going,
    so fast, so speedy,
    and so hurry?
    Is there a bomb behind
    ready to blast?

    "I dont know dear,
    i am just running,
    because everybody
    is running.
    I am trying to match
    my steps
    with the time,
    don't want to stay behind.

    Oh dear,
    Life is not a race,
    with some mitres or miles.
    Run fast and win the medal
    with a smile.

    The hands of the clock
    move twelve to twelve.
    Can you say,
    Whether they move foward
    or run to return?
    Life is moving on a circle,
    which starts
    moving forward
    In the way to return.
    * Binay Mohapatra