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    KALI: Yes that only you can fulfil it because you are the true EL SHADDAI.

    SATAN: EL SHADDAI, me. No, it is not me. I'm not EL SHADDAI.

    GORI: No. You are the true EL SHADDAI.

    SATAN: GOD is the true EL SHADDAI.

    KALI: GOD is of course the most powerful force of the entire universe but HIS entire blackness lies in you ESH. Can't you see how long have you stayed in the universe starting from the creation of the universe till now and how many SINS you have inhaled in you. You are indeed the "MASTER OF ENTIRE SIN" and because you have exhaled some portion of sin on the earth, the earth has become so sick and if you don't do anything she won't survive for a very long time.