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    If you look at anything deep and hard, you come to conclusion that everything is different but has its workings in same direction.
    Perhaps time is only difference between things.
    Your old crt television and led may have lot of physical differences but then it works on same principle it's just that it is seperated by two time zones.
    Look whichever new technology comes into lives of humans it's effects are just the same. When you look at social media then you would say it has disrupted and polarized societies like never before. But then if you imagine when written word must have arrived to humans or when printing became a thing or when people could hear what happened on different side of globe,it's effects must have been as drastic as social media and internet. Nothing is ever good or evil it's just that we humans embed our personalities into those objects and situations decide which side of coin either good or evil you fall on.
    People think with time and technology we have achieved our past generations couldn't but then our past generations also thought so.
    Look at something like Mahabharata or any Shakespearen construct regardless of their mythical nature,you would find emotional battles and personal victories of the people involved were just the same. So what if Arjuna had to battle his family,we also do. Duryodhana being envious of his kins we also are. We are battling the same demons as they did. We modern humans have same emotional spectrum and vulnerabilities as our ancestors did.
    So what progress we really made then so that we think we are pinnacle of human society and its end of history. How do we really get to the big picture then.
    What we really did was to enhance our material comfort and that has reduced physical strain we had to bear inorder to do miniscule tasks but in return we have got multitude of mental strains. Look in hardship only you could learn. You have to endure mental stress of reading a book inorder to learn something new,if you are looking at pleasuring yourself every minute then what's difference between you and dog.
    It is that we have conscious,we are conscious of our own drives and instinct and we can curb those inorder to get somewhere which a dog can't unless it is matter of its own survival.
    But then we can't keep curbing our desires forever because in time the animal inside might just explode to express itself.
    So there has to be the middle ground where you follow your instincts but at the same time curb a few inorder to get somewhere.
    We come again to same question what progress have we made?
    Aside from material comfort we made progress in communication but what did it really achieve,did it bring humans close to each other more than before? Social media won't agree with that. On the contrary,we are more polarized than ever,forming our ecochambers with things that we would like to hear.
    We did make weapons of mass destructions that everyone will agree upon but one might say it compensates for progress which we made on saving lives of natural calamities.
    Thing is when you look at the big picture you came back to zero. We took two steps forward but two steps backwards too.
    Real progress may never come because there's no thing as such only the change which is good or bad depending on the perspective.
    What's the point of all this then?
    No point perhaps or there's one but we are not able to look at it right now.
    What's my purpose then?
    To do things as they were done before? Is my changing the status quo does it change anything. It does for me I guess.
    But then who am I on the time space quantinuum?
    If religious text to be believed,I'm the one and you are the one too. But then isn't it meglomaniacal thing to believe humans are centre of the universe. Isn't that 17th century thing to do? Why bother even doing anything then?
    Thing is looking at big picture gets you just to be dreadful, thinking on small things on your own personal issues and your own demons makes progress atleast for you.
    Thing is here is where person like Gandhi comes into the picture. When you first look at his philosophy and workings you would say it is completely idiotic to think and do in this current time what he did. But wait what did he really spoke about? It was about managing everything locally, handling situations on personal level. Because we see the world as we like to see. You doing good to yourself adds one more to happy person in the universe. You yourself are the source and sink at the same time. There is no need to change the world you change yourself and world will change with you.
    As silly and as fantastical it may sound but it is true, atleast it looks to me so.
    If anyone could follow upto here thank you for your brave effort and for hearing out my rant. It is good remind yourself of shallowness of your existence and also in a contrary way it empowers you to know that you are nothing and nothing you do might change the world but you changing your way to look at it might just change the world for you.

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