• macre_25 6w


    Deep in space, where the whispers of my soul are always at chase, for who I really am cause they know I am fake

    I hope someday, I'll be able to stand tall and confirm to my soul that am glad for who I am

    I hope someday, I will build an abode close to my heart, know its fear and its hurts and with love mend its patch

    I hope someday I'll escape the dark where my tower stands in a world where fear's a blast

    I hope someday, with a smile on my face, I'll cherish who I really am. Not scared to be firm and proclaim am a champ

    I hope someday the heat of self-love will dry the pond of tears, which became part of me when I got used to being sad

    I hope someday , I'll be still when the vipers come within, loaded with critics and guilt from where I live

    I hope someday, jealousy, all the hate and anger will vanish from me,and leave me free. I'll be free to fly from within

    Deep in the crys of my fears, where trying just isn't real
    Where one shouldn't be known for who they are especially once they are grown

    I hope someday, I'll crush this rules. This silly rules, that chained me from my dreams.

    They kept me chained and in the echoes of agony, held by distress, I followed that way to self-distruct since I hoped no more,and with it I groaned more and more

    I hope someday, the stars within, of family and those I link. Will gleam then shine with delight. Cause they'll be proud,for once I've done something right

    Deep within yet bound to grieve,I hope my soul will rescue me. Cause am proud of me
    And I love me.