• kuwkw11 46w

    Where she used to be
    You once asked her to stay
    Where I clumsily fell into
    The home that holds her everyday.

    No permission, I took refuge
    In the chaos of the night. On borrowed time,
    I wondered if you felt the same
    The rush, the warmth, the mistake that felt right.

    If it wasn't for her, I would have stayed
    If it wasn't for her, I would have loved
    Every moment of feeling belonging
    Even in the arms of someone that's not mine.

    When we wake up
    Our memories will be marked by whisky stains
    Boxed away, filed under
    Bad Behaviours on Drunken Nights.

    I have no reason, nor permission
    To wonder and wander
    Into the trespasses of your mind.

    For what a home is to her, is only shelter to me.
    Temporary, I am. Girlfriend, lover, wife, forever
    She may be.