• musaibsalmani 9w

    The Mother

    The oft magniloquent is the mother grandiloquent.
    She bears the heinous pain for nine months.
    She guards a new life for nine months.
    She risks her life for a new life.
    She emasculates her health for a new life.
    She brings a new life to this atrocious world.
    She baffles every leer towards her new world.
    She is genial even over contumscy.
    She is the best teacher of comity.
    However if maladroits are her children
    Nothing she feels as idiosyncrasy.
    The first teacher , her lap the first school.
    The first doctor,her hug the first medicine
    The first protector, her arms the first armour.
    The first friend ,her finger the first support.
    Unfortunate are those who lose their mothers.
    Count me in those, I am one among them.