• whirl_of_colours 30w


    You know how there are stories where everyone understands you, where everyone gets you.
    Take me and make me the protagonist of one of those stories
    I crave that, I crave that.
    Create a simple peice and carve fine outlines of empathy and effort, give the borders a touch of love, and kindness for the final touch
    I need that, I need that.
    It's not a competition, you don't have to win awards, just give me a plot that would soothe my heart
    I crave that, I crave that.
    It will take time and it will be hard
    You'll erase the words and get the plot wrong
    It will get frustrating and you'll want to give up
    I'm terrified, I'm terrified.
    But you won't give up, because you never do
    Because life goes on and so do you
    It's something that you've mastered over the years, to fall down and get up forever strong.
    It's okay to take a break and just lie down,
    To just breathe in and breathe out.
    There is a reason that you've been chosen as the author to this particular book,
    It's not because you know how to make it to end
    It's because you know how to start new beginnings every now and then
    You're perfect, you're perfect.
    I know you'll make it a happy ending (because you're a sucker for such things) and you'll draw new beginnings from it, just like you always do, I know this because
    I know you, I know you
    Take me and make me the protagonist of one such story,
    I trust you, I trust you.
    You're the best shot for this story,
    And I,the best lead
    Because no one knows me as well as you do and no one knows you as well as I do, because we are