• matista 10w

    Saga of paradox- Divine vessel

    She was like a divine vessel,
    Which the god himself decorated with golden luster,
    Not that bright to blind you,
    But so soothing that it touches your heart, caress your head,
    And makes your eyes shine in a way,
    That you can’t internalize that beauty,
    You can fully acknowledge it with your eyes open,
    To gain whatever reflection it has to offer.

    Then he started filling it but first thing he did,
    Was to galvanize the internal surface,
    To protect her inner marvels from getting corrupted,
    Even safeguarding against her own bizarre thoughts,
    And for virtues to outlive time.

    Before all else,
    Indian peacock’s feathers, and tail of golden pheasant,
    Were placed at the bottom,
    Making a collection of soft points for every human nature
    Then he put a sieve made of red silk cloth,
    Allowing only graceful, delicate emotions,
    To get permanently trapped beneath.
    He scattered a handful of water beads,
    That expanded by imbibing water.
    So that when harsh sentiments would be thrown at her,
    She would cry but her tears would be absorbed by these beads,
    And elevate her outer tough affects,
    Making her stronger

    He designed hamlet, with small huts
    Made of ice, stone, wood,
    With tiny natives existing in their secluded universe
    Now and then when she got lonesome,
    She withdrew herself to become part of that tiny race
    Folks would take her inside their huts,
    Depending on her state of mind,
    Anger-ice, baffled-stone, tired-wood

    Over that he created a fertile plain,
    With soil, silt, and grew a holy basil,
    Sculpted two beautiful windows,
    Through which came warmth of sunshine,
    Sprinkles of showers, aroma of dusk and dawn

    And two fenestrated holes were cut on the sides,
    For the breeze to make the leaves dance,
    As it blew across them,
    Made a euphonious sound,
    Giving her the soul quiver

    Finally, he wanted to groom fundamental qualities unyielding,
    - her will, her faith, her honor, her pride, her love,
    For that he enclosed them in lavish diamonds.
    And he pushed aside the remnants,
    To get a majestic view of the most perfect,
    Invincible creation of his, before the dispatch