• whitneysmile 31w


    She cant even listen to songs
    Bursts out in tears, thinking of all her wrongs
    Cant let go of her phone
    Imagine getting a message:"bby., pls come home"
    She s trying to forget its been so long
    She s trying to stay strong
    She s trying to accept that he s gone
    She s just...trying to move on

    Their souls match
    Their  words clash
    Their minds connect
    Their emotions reject
    Their bodies are one
    They were a complete mess...but an artwork perfectly done.

    For him
    This was suppose to be fiction turn into reality
    But it  became more like an addiction to her brutality
    For her...A one way ticket straight to infidelity

    She cries
    He sleeps
    She writes
    He weeps
    And days just pass by...

    They were magical...until the spell broke
    Inseparable...until their ego's spoke
    Flawless...until it vanished into smoke
    She was goofy, just like him
    He was smart, just like her
    She adored him
    He worshiped her
    She crushed him
    He demolished her
    Never pleased, never enough
    And yet it was their kind of love